Liverpool Women Reclaim The Night…Sort Of

On Saturday night, about forty women and some male supporters marched from St George’s Plateau on Lime Street around the city centre, returning to the Adelphi hotel for some entertainment. The Reclaim the Night demonstration is thought to be the first in the city for almost thirty years, and took place on International Women’s Day.

However, even though the women on the march vastly outnumbered the men, who largely kept to the back, some men had placed themselves in prominent positions of control. There was no police ‘escort’, but all except one of the stewards were male, including Merseyside TUC President Alec McFadden, who led from the front and used his megaphone to urge people on and make jokes. All of this seemed to detract from the normal stated purpose of Reclaim The Night marches, of women marching together to dispel patriarchal notions of darkened streets being unsafe for women.