The Commune Debates the Riots and More

As you might expect, extensive coverage of the riots dominates this second edition of the new Commune format. Joe Thorne contends that the phenomenon is best understood as a class-based social explosion, while David Broder argues that many of the participants may have had “nothing to lose”, but they also had “nothing to win” by their actions. Meanwhile, Clifford Biddulph looks for a way that communists can engage with the rioters and their communities. There are also local reports from James Roberts in Liverpool and Sharon Borthwick in Peckham.

Away from the flames and the fury, there’s plenty of other important stuff been happening over the last month. So Liam Turbett celebrates what he calls a “victorious conclusion” to the occupation of Glasgow University’s Hetherington building, and the editorial argues that communists should not argue for a state ban on EDL activity.

This, plus more Eurozone and Libya analysis, is available for PDF download here, as well as from radical bookshops, social centres, and by emailing