BNP day of action drowned out by local opposition

This afternoon I’m recommending you read Phil Dickens’ report on yesterday’s BNP demo in Liverpool, and the various strategies anti-fascists adopted in response. Without ever sinking to the level of mudslinging, it analyses the concrete effects “on the ground” – to borrow that phrase from TV war coverage. For me, it perfectly illustrates why Liverpool Antifascists’ approach to their politics is the correct one, and I would love to see their example copied by others facing the far right.

Today was the BNP’s much-vaunted day of action against the BBC and Question Time. As part of their “Operation Fightback” to challenge “corruption and prejudice” against them, they would descend on the show being recorded in Liverpool and make their voice heard. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t quite work out that way.

I arrived at the counter demonstration just after 5pm, having heard that about 50 BNP members had already been in town handing out leaflets. However, I hoped, there had been enough publicity about the counter-protest to guarantee a sizeable opposition to their presence and thus no chance that they would be able to air their views without objection or challenge. One of the local UAF organisers had also told me that they had been publicising it heavily and, whilst I have issues with UAF’s politics, I had no reason to doubt this particular person’s word or their commitment on this.

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  1. Anonymous

    OMG, do you see whats taking place in Syria? In spite of a brutal government crackdown, the demonstrations continue


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