My Resignation as a Class War Candidate

I am sad to have to announce that I am resigning as a parliamentary candidate for Class War at the general election next year. I’m doing this because over the past few weeks, I have become thoroughly disillusioned with the unaccountable, anti-democratic, and London-centric structures.

Information is tightly controlled by the unelected leadership, and statements are put out in the name of Class War (and therefore presumably all candidates), which are not necessarily representative of us in any way. Often, possible statements are put to the group by Ian Bone, and then published in our name by Bone within a matter of minutes. This does not give sufficient time for people not permanently monitoring Facebook to respond.

I had been aware of these limitations from the start, but wrongly considered that they were going to be of little significance. My thinking was that they would only exist for the length of the election campaign, and that the election campaign would be a way of raising levels of class consciousness. However, it’s become apparent that these structures are a hindrance to the development of class identity. They are, in fact, ‘dividing the class’ – only representing the types of people who find themselves in the leadership of Class War – a tiny fragment of the working class. I can no longer be associated with such an organisation.

Down with Class War – let’s get on with the class struggle!