Pay YHA workers a Living Wage! The IWW and the YHA…

Liverpool IWW

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is now taking up the campaign to support the staff of the Youth Hostel Association (YHA) in their claim and efforts to be paid the living wage for working for the YHA.

The YHA is a long established charity proving economical accommodation for travellers, hikers and tourists. Despite being a charity, or maybe because they are a charity, they have not been able or willing to lift the wages of their staff who are on the minimum wage to the living wage.
We have some sympathy for the YHA as we know that the financial circumstances of the charity have been troubled in recent years. However we expect a charity such as the YHA to be willing to meet with the IWW so that we may represent the views and concerns of our members and discuss what needs to be done.
We understand…

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