Another win against workfare

Congratulations to comrades in North London.

Cautiously pessimistic

Haringey Solidarity Group occupying a North London Hospice shop against workfare

Some good news from North London, as Haringey Solidarity Group report that their nine-month campaign against workfare at North London Hospice has ended in victory. In their own words:


Following 9 months of protest from Haringey Solidarity Group, North London Hospice has agreed to stop taking part in the government’s workfare scheme. The charity, which has been using the six-month forced, unpaid “Community Work Placements” to staff its charity shops, has agreed to replace all forced labour with the work of volunteers. Running 18 shops in North London and a major supplier of Community Work Placements, the charity’s pledge to pull out will have a significant impact on the scheme’s viability in Haringey.

Under Community Work Placements any jobseeker who hasn’t secured employment for two years can be forced to work for free for six months or be sanctioned – losing their…

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Direct action once again beats the bosses

Direct action wins a Canary Wharf construction worker his job back, despite High Court injunction banning the protest. This is interesting at a time when the government is seeking to make some strike action illegal.

Cautiously pessimistic

Construction workers from Teesside supporting the picket

After the Monday morning picket against the victimisation of a shop steward at Canary Wharf – a picket that defied a high court injuction banning the protest – the bosses at electrical contractor Phoenix have now caved in and reinstated the sacked worker. As reported on the Blacklist Support Group facebook page:

Sacked unite steward Graham re-employed following meeting between Unite FTO Guy Langston and Phoenix MD Lee Compton.

Despite the threats of arrest and a High Court injunction, direct action once again beats the bosses. Rest of the trade union movement, please take notice. Ongoing protests are now suspended while Unite has ongoing negotiations about direct employment.

Many thanks to all those who supported Graham and all the construction workers who refused to cross the picket line.”

Graham himself commented:

“I would like to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to all those who came down to…

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Tenants have called for a slum landlord in Bristol to feel some heat.

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset

Join Bristol Solidarity Network’s fight against a slum landlord and for decent housing.

Mr Ernie Biela, of 58 ETHELBERT ROAD, MARGATE, KENT, CT9 1SB is a slum landlord intent on maximum profit and minimum responsibility. A family living in one of his properties in Easton, Bristol have repeatedly asked him for much needed repairs to their home. After 8 years of ignoring his tenant’s requests for a livable home, Mr. Biela recently tried to evict them rather than do the right thing and do the repairs. He has arrogantly flouted the law and disregarded council improvement notices served on him. In phone calls to the tenants he claims to understand what life is like for immigrants and low income families. He is very quick to chase rent, claiming he will use it for repairs, but not as good at fixing the house. He agrees to send builders round to carry…

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Why Is Anyone Surprised That The Royal Family Were Nazis?

Fascinating long read article on the strong links between aristocracy and fascism in British history.

A Thousand Flowers

queennazi The Queen and her maw give a wee salute to the Third Reich

Fascism in Scotland got off to an inauspicious start in the mid 1920s, when a member of the emergent British Fascisti – on scabbing duties during the 1926 General Strike – stuck his head out the window of a moving train and was swiftly decapitated. It would become a fitting metaphor for the success of the far-right in Scotland over the ninety years which followed.

Through a mixture of sheer incompetence, narcissism and infighting – not to mention the fierce opposition it has always faced on the streets – there’s been many lows in the history of Scotland’s bumbling far-right. Yet the British ruling class – as across Europe – were sympathetic to fascism, as the footage which recently emerged of the Royal Family sieg-heiling at Balmoral in 1933 starkly illustrates.

The Earl of Glasgow

Founded by the 8th Earl of Glasgow

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Please show some solidarity and donate to their legal fund <>, attend their court date, or participate in the phone Zap supporting them – updated details on the situation provided by Lehigh Valley IWWs bellow

“Hybachi Lemar, who has recently done a lot of work in Chicago but has roots in the LV, was arrested while back in Allentown. He did work with IWOC (Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee of the IWW) toward organizing prisoners and fought the evictions of working class people in Chicago and elsewhere.

Hybachi was arrested and charged with weapons possession — as an ex-felon he is facing steep charges. He and his partner Sabrina (who was arrested with him) are undoubtedly victims of systemic oppression. There are many private details of Lemar’s initial felony charge in the 90’s and the most recent charges against both him and Sabrina that illustrate the inequality within our…

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